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A Royal Setting for Your Special Day: Top Wedding Venues in Berkshire, UK


Nestled in the heart of England, Berkshire offers a blend of historical charm and natural beauty that creates an enchanting backdrop for your wedding day. With its lush landscapes, grand estates, and exquisite manor houses, Berkshire provides an array of picturesque venues to choose from. In this blog, we'll explore some of the top wedding venues in Berkshire, each offering a unique ambiance and the promise of a memorable celebration.

  1. Cliveden House

For those seeking a truly regal experience, Cliveden House is the perfect choice. This historic 17th-century mansion is set in the midst of beautiful gardens and boasts stunning views of the River Thames. The grandeur of the architecture and the impeccable gardens create a romantic atmosphere fit for royalty.

  1. The Vineyard Hotel and Spa

A winery, a luxurious spa, and an exquisite wedding venue, The Vineyard Hotel and Spa is an idyllic destination for wine enthusiasts and those who appreciate opulence. Located in Newbury, it offers stunning vineyard views and world-class dining for your wedding celebration.

  1. Wasing Park

Wasing Park, set amidst the rolling Berkshire countryside, is a versatile venue that allows you to celebrate your day in style. Choose from the unique Victorian Summerhouse, the elegant Garden Room, or the historic Parish Church for your ceremony. The beautiful grounds provide countless photo opportunities.

  1. Royal Berkshire Hotel

The Royal Berkshire Hotel offers an ideal blend of classic charm and modern convenience. Set within manicured lawns and gardens, this picturesque venue in Sunninghill, Ascot, provides a versatile backdrop for a variety of wedding styles and sizes.

  1. Coworth Park

Situated in Ascot, Coworth Park is a luxurious country estate with a reputation for refined elegance. The venue offers a stunning Georgian manor house, a beautiful polo field, and extensive gardens. It's the perfect place for those who desire a sophisticated and tranquil wedding setting.

  1. Stoke Place

Stoke Place is a delightful venue in Stoke Poges, boasting a beautiful Palladian mansion set amidst 26 acres of parkland. The serene lake, the impressive architecture, and the variety of event spaces make it a versatile choice for different wedding themes and sizes.

  1. The Olde Bell

Located in Hurley, The Olde Bell is a charming coaching inn with historical character. It offers a blend of rustic elegance and modern amenities, with picturesque gardens and an authentic thatched barn. It's a perfect venue for couples who appreciate the cozy and intimate atmosphere.


Berkshire offers a diverse array of wedding venues that cater to different tastes and styles, ensuring that your special day is filled with elegance and unforgettable moments. From the grandeur of Cliveden House to the rustic charm of The Olde Bell, each venue showcases the beauty of Berkshire and provides a beautiful canvas for your wedding celebration. Whether you're planning an opulent affair or an intimate gathering, Berkshire's top wedding venues have something to offer every couple.


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